Paul Cooke ''We strive to be better''

Paul Cooke ''We strive to be better''

26th June 2014

“It goes without saying the last month has been tough for the players on the road. With the last two particularly grueling at Featherstone and Dewsbury.

“I, the staff and the players were all extremely disappointed with the performance at Dewsbury last weekend.

“In all honesty it was as poor a performance as we've had in 2014, and put into perspective at round 16 it isn't too bad. If at the beginning you'd of offered me 8 points out of 12 away from home I'd of probably taken them and moved on.

“However it still doesn't hide the hurt caused by a performance which was as disappointing as last weekend.

"Response is a word spoken a great deal this week, a scheduled night off undone to iron out the issues we had against Dewsbury, to speak about the season so far and a question, "are we are accepting with still 10 rounds remaining that it's already been a good 2014 for us as a group and club?"

“The best teams in this competition are just getting warmed up, coming into the business end of the season the best teams performances are raising.

“We are not accepting that because of the position we are in is acceptable, we don't accept that the teams above us have the right to stay there just because of seasons gone past when they've finished in these positions.

“With everyone waiting for the Doncaster bubble to seemingly burst we have and will continue to strive to be better, both individually and as a group, not to mention as a club.

“After disappointments in 2014 we've bounced back, with a certain amount of vigor and determination in the next performance.

“Sunday can be no different against a team who were more than a match last weekend for run away leaders Leigh. Not to mention that we need to reverse a loss from round 10, just 7 weeks ago, a 29-20 loss which still hurts the players to this day.

“Sunday will be a very physical game, an extremely tough game against a team who have developed a great amount of belief about themselves.

“The things we can control must be spot on, the energy, intensity, determination, aggression we play with as individuals and a group can be controlled. We must hit our high levels of these areas to overcome a very good team.”

Paul Cooke ''We strive to be better''